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There’s been a number of strange glitches in Call of Duty: Warzone since it released in March this year. However, this absolutely insane new Warzone bug has got to be one of the freakiest and downright game-ruining we’ve seen yet.

Specifically, this glitch causes players’ guns to randomly add a huge floating spiky black box all around them. This is visible by you and other players, blocking the line of sight for everyone. The flashing glitch has no regard for walls, textures, or anything around it.

Sometimes, the guns continue to function relatively smoothly, such as on the akimbo pistols in this Twitter user’s Gulag round. Other times, it distorts and blocks almost the whole screen of the player using the weapon.

Apparently though, you can always shoot with them as normal—which is something, at least.

“Worst bug in the history of Warzone”

Streamers, pros, and regular Warzone players have been decrying the latest glitch on social media. Timothy “Timthetatman” Betar even encountered it in a $10,000 prize-pool tournament. Whether or not the glitch directly caused him to die is debatable. Regardless, it would certainly have had an effect on any player’s mental game. One of Tim’s teammates said on stream that they died because they couldn’t see any enemy in the glitch.

“It’s almost like you’re picking up something from the Upside Down,” the popular streamer said, comparing the bug to a monster from the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Warzone glitches all around

It seems Warzone developer Infinity Ward is aware of the problem now at least. A new post on the publicly accessible development Trello mentions “corruption appearing on the end of weapons with the latest update”.

This game-breaking bug comes at an interesting time for Warzone too. The game is currently being used to tease the upcoming Call of Duty game. One of the interesting promotional methods Infinity Ward opted for is an in-game “glitch.” This sees screen flickering and the words “know your history” pop up on-screen for all players in a given squad. Imagine the scenes if both the real glitch and the promotional one appeared for players at the same time—especially during a tense competitive moment.

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