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The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is nearing and fans of Warzone aren’t as thrilled as others in the community. While this is still a new Call of Duty title, Warzone will still be considered a part of Modern Warfare until December 10. This is when Season 1 for Black Ops Cold War launches and Warzone will fully integrate into that game. Previously, it was thought that this integration was going to be for the weapons, items, killstreaks, etc. Well, fortunately for players, Activision announced that the weaponry of BOCW will integrate into the battle royale on November 13.

Black Ops Cold War weapons to integrate into Warzone on day one

The way that Activision is going about integrating the two titles is a bit confusing. However, the short answer is that Warzone will feature both Modern Warfare and BOCW items. If you have a weapon blueprint from MW, you can still use it even after Season 1 launches.

Although, there’s been a lingering question of how the two games’ weaponry will interact. Can you pick up a Cold War weapon off the ground and then have a Modern Warfare secondary? Will gun statistics for duplicate weapons stay the same or differ? Those questions are still unanswered, for the most part, but one question did get answered concerning when Cold War weapons will arrive in Warzone.

call of duty warzone to integrate black ops cold war weapons
Image via u/Skeumorphic_ on Reddit

Starting on day one, November 13, all available Black Ops Cold War weapons will be integrated into Warzone. According to reports, you’ll need to make separate loadouts for BOCW and Modern Warfare weapons. Nonetheless, the new guns will be featured once the calendar turns to November 13.

It’s likely we’ll either hear or see how exactly this integration will work closer to Black Ops Cold War‘s launch. For now, though, expect weapons like the Krig-6, M16, and AK-74U to be available in Warzone on Friday.

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