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The battle for Call of Duty superiority has continued to rage on into this week. Earlier this month, Call of Duty: Warzone professionals began to argue they could compete in the Call of Duty League. As a result, CDL pros fired back and said not only was that not true, but any CDL pro could easily be one of the best in the Warzone scene.

This back-and-forth has recently begun to see results, as Warzone and CDL pros have gotten together to compete in live 1v1 matches on Vanguard and Modern Warfare. On Tuesday, two of Call of Duty’s best players squared off, with Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro representing the CDL and “Biffle” holding it down for Warzone.

The 1v1 took place live on stream, with former CDL pro Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto and competitive Warzone player Hector “Repullze” Torres hosting. The matchup between Shotzzy and Biffle took place on Modern Warfare’s Speedball map. Some in the community have pointed out this gives an unfair advantage to the Warzone players. After all, they have spent the past two and a half years playing on this same engine since Warzone and Modern Warfare mechanics are so similar. However, it’s important to remember that Shotzzy was the MVP and a world champion during Modern Warfare.

Even with this possible caveat, Biffle absolutely dominated a majority of the 1v1 matches. The players took part in two separate 1v1 matches, both times having the kill limit at 30. Biffle showcased just how talented he is, gunning Shotzzy numerous times and out-maneuvering the CDL’s movement king frequently. Biffle also plays on controller, so he was using the same input device as Shotzzy and every other CDL pro. It was incredible to see a Warzone pro keep up with one of the CDL’s best players.

Overall, though, these 1v1 matches were amazing to watch. Both players possess immense talent, and the 1v1s were clear evidence of that. Time after time, either Shotzzy or Biffle would pull off an incredible maneuver or hit a terrific shot to kill the other player. Biffle won both 1v1s by a few kills and often was up by several kills before Shotzzy would storm back.

After the matches concluded, both players tweeted out some interesting tidbits for the community to dissect. Shotzzy said Biffle is “better than half of the league,” while Biffle let it be known he was holding it down for the Warzone scene.

It appears Biffle is one of the few exceptions in the Warzone scene that could actually make the transition to the CDL. He’s obviously talented enough with his gun skill, but he to work on in-game awareness and a different kind of team play to actually compete with the best in a 4v4 format.

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