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Over the past couple of months, the debate between Call of Duty League and Warzone pros over what side could make the switch to the other game has raged on intensely. From vicious 1v1 battles on older COD titles to the World Series of Warzone, CDL and Warzone pros have gone at it in more ways than one.

While the debate has died down in recent weeks, it seems some streamers are still out to prove they have what it takes to play the other side’s game. Earlier this week, Warzone streamer and pro player Aydan decided to hop on Vanguard Ranked Play, the main game’s competitive mode. Aydan had played Vanguard Ranked many times before but it seemed like he was taking things more seriously in his recent stream.

During this stream, Aydan managed to eclipse a milestone that few others have ever been able to in Ranked Play. On Tuscan Hardpoint, the Warzone pro finished with exactly 100 kills, which he believed to be a world record at the time. Aydan tweeted out the image of his scoreboard from that game and claimed that he would “be doing this to pros” if he had a spot in the Call of Duty League.

While many fans were quick to prove that Aydan had not broken any world records (several players have reached upwards of 125 kills), the number is still impressive nonetheless.

Of course, there’s a large difference in skill when it comes to the lobby Aydan was facing compared to a lobby full of CDL pros. For reference, Aydan was in the Expert division of Vanguard Ranked, the third-lowest division, during the game he reached 100 kills. However, many of his opponents were in the Advanced division, which is one division lower than Expert.

Regardless of that fact, Aydan still showcased his impressive gun skill and map knowledge throughout this gameplay. In the past, Aydan has kept up and even beaten current CDL pros in 1v1 matches. Perhaps if he were to dedicate all of his time to becoming a CDL pro, we could see him at least perform well on a Challengers team in Modern Warfare 2. That would require hours and hours of practice, though, which doesn’t seem to be something worthwhile to the current Warzone pro, especially with Warzone 2 on the horizon.

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