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For as long as Call of Duty: Warzone has been out, players have complained about a FOV slider on consoles. The feature is fully present on PC, leading to console players claiming that they’re at a large disadvantage in gunfights. This disadvantage has been hard to visualize, though. Of course, that was until a player on social media showcased just how different a PC player’s screen looks from a console player’s screen in terms of FOV.

FOV stands for field of view, which, when put into a slider, allows players to change how far the camera goes back and forward. It essentially lets players see more of their surroundings. Console players have pleaded with Raven Software to give them a FOV slider in Warzone Pacific. Many thought the time for the slider was coming with the Vanguard integration. Instead, Raven said little about the feature and could be working to introduce it in 2022.

This hasn’t stopped console players from talking about it, however.

FOV difference in Warzone Pacific explained

In the CODWarzone subreddit, a fan decided to showcase a laptop and console running Warzone Pacific side-by-side. They also ensured that both screens were in the exact same spot on the map so players could see just how different each perspective looked.

The FOV issue explained perfectly from CODWarzone

As players can see, the laptop clearly has the FOV set to a value higher than 80, which is the default value for consoles. On the TV screen, with a console running Warzone Pacific, the player can only see half of the room before them. On PC, the player with a higher FOV can see nearly the entire room when standing in the exact same spot.

This is a clear advantage for the PC player. For example, they could see an enemy entering the room while the console player would have to make a 90-degree turn to see that enemy. Other redditors began to chime in in the comments, with one saying that “23 of the 25 highest earning Warzone players are controller players on PC. Aim assist is extremely OP. FOV is unfair if console players can’t have it. Both can be true.”

PC players seem to have a distinct advantage in Warzone Pacific. They can use a controller to gain aim assist and they have the FOV slider ready to be altered at a moment’s notice. All of these factors together make for a superior platform.

It’s unclear when or if Raven will ever implement a FOV slider in Warzone. Perhaps 2022 will finally be the year console players have their long-requested wish granted.

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