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Maybe it’s the map of Caldera or a string of unfortunate errors on the side of Raven Software but invisibility glitches keep surfacing in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. Over the last month, two separate glitches that turn players invisible have popped up. These glitches were centered around two specific skins, which Raven has either fixed or is currently working on fixing. However, now a new bug has appeared that turns a player’s gun invisible when they aim in with it in Warzone Pacific.

It’s unclear if this is a one-time hiccup within the battle royale or if Raven will need to deliver yet another patch to resolve it. Of course, with Warzone Pacific’s history surrounding invisibility glitches, players are leaning towards the latter.

New invisibility glitch pops up in Warzone Pacific

The new glitch centers around players aiming with a weapon. It appears that sometimes when players do this, their gun has the ability to turn invisible until they stop aiming down sights. A recent reddit clip from the CODWarzone subreddit showcases the bug.

[deleted by user]
by inCODWarzone

In the clip, the player sees an enemy and then swaps to their Bren light machine gun, which seems like it was a ground loot weapon. However, when they do this and begin to aim in at their enemy, the gun starts to glitch and eventually turns completely invisible.

Of course, this makes it much tougher to hit an enemy who’s running across the map. There doesn’t seem to be any single action that triggered the gun to turn invisible. Although, Raven Software did just nerf the Bren with the mid-season update, so perhaps this could be an inadvertent side effect of the nerf.

Either way, players will undoubtedly report any further run-ins with this glitch on social media. If more reports start to flood in, Raven will likely update the Warzone Trello board to reflect they’re working on a fix for the glitch.

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