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The Xbox version of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is utterly broken at the moment. Despite Microsoft purchasing Activision last week, the company’s own platform isn’t working right with Activision’s biggest selling franchise. After the Mid-Season update on Jan. 12, Xbox players have been struggling to even load into Warzone Pacific. However, a new glitch has popped up that turns the map of Caldera into a low-texture mess for players that actually are able to play on Xbox.

Prior to the Mid-Season update, the Xbox version of the game was working properly. It was the PlayStation port that had a majority of the problems, which the Mid-Season update fixed. In turn, these problems seemingly transferred over to Xbox players. One of these problems is a glitch that makes Warzone Pacific lose almost all of its textures. This makes Caldera look like a video game from the early 90s.

Glitch makes Caldera unplayable in Warzone Pacific

Players began posting about this new Xbox glitch on social media earlier this week. The glitch consists of players dropping into a low-texture mess at the start of a Warzone Pacific match. These posts compare the graphics to the Nintendo 64, which is never a great thing.

N64 graphics on xbox x .. tired of this sh*t from CODWarzone

Aside from the N64 graphics, the player in the clip also didn’t even have a gun in their hands. While they could aim and shoot, the gun itself didn’t even load into the match. This is reminiscent of another glitch in Warzone Pacific where players’ weapons go invisible when they’re firing them. There are some viewable guns on the ground but they’re floating above the textures, along with any dead bodies.

There doesn’t seem to be a concrete cause for this issue as of yet. Not every Xbox player has been experiencing this graphical problem, so Raven Software is likely still pinpointing a reason why it’s popping up for some users. If a fix does come down the line, it will be posted and tracked on the Warzone Pacific Trello board.

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