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Days after Raven Software pushed out a patch to resolve some of the game’s more frustrating bugs, such as the invisible Operator skin, a new glitch has been appearing more frequently in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific that involves the Gulag and spectators to sneak onto the playing field.

The Gulag received a major overhaul with Warzone Pacific. Raven designed a new map and allowed players to keep their weapons if they made it out. This gives players a fighting chance when spawning back into the match. However, some players aren’t getting a fair shot to win their Gulag fight. Some players have noticed that spectators watching the Gulag fight have been able to jump onto the map, distracting players and causing them to lose their 1v1.

Warzone Pacific glitch impacts the Gulag

In a new reddit post on the CODWarzone subreddit, a player showcased what it’s like to play against this glitch.

We have a hooligan in Gulag
byu/colemanni inCODWarzone

The player in the clip is aiming down an alleyway when they see what they believe to be an enemy on top of the surrounding fence. Naturally, they begin to shoot at them, but the target turned out to be a spectator who happened to glitch onto the map. The player then died to their real opponent.

Apparently, this glitch is done by performing a couple of maneuvers, according to the original post. “Apparently you have to hop on the barrel and then crouch on the fence in order to get there,”  the post reads.

This is a major bug that could affect dozens of Gulag matches if Raven Software doesn’t find a way to patch it soon. Before players know it, several spectators could perform the glitch at the same time, completely ruining the integrity of a Gulag 1v1.

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