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The development for Warzone Mobile was officially announced earlier this year by Activision. With the success of the battle royale and similar mobile titles over the course of the past two years, it makes perfect sense for Activision to further break into the mobile gaming market. The publishers initially forayed into the market with the release of COD Mobile in 2019, which has grown to be one of the best-selling mobile games on any app store.

According to a new job listing from the developer of Warzone Mobile, Solid State Studios, Activision could be looking to merge some aspects of their new game with the existing one.

The job listing on Activision’s website displays a number of jobs for Warzone Mobile. One of them is called a “Content Designer,” was is further described on the Careers Page of the publisher’s website. This job details how Activision might be looking to incorporate COD Mobile’s microtransaction system into Warzone Mobile. The first part of the job description reads:

“As a Content Designer on Call of Duty: Warzone for Mobile you will be responsible for helping to create and implement a vision for Call of Duty: Warzone for Mobile live operations content.”

While this sounds fairly standard, the job listing gets more interesting further on. The Content Designer will be in charge of introducing new “seasonal themes” and cosmetics through “Battle Passes, battle crates, lucky draws, holiday content, and other events.”

The key phrase in that quote is “lucky draws.” This feature is one of the most controversial aspects of COD Mobile. It’s essentially a loot box that players can open using real-life money in hopes of earning a rare weapon blueprint or Operator skin. Of course, players have a small chance of pulling the rare items and a higher chance of drawing a more common item, like an emblem.

While these rare weapon blueprints would presumably not be pay-to-win, most players still don’t enjoy certain content being locked behind a luck-based microtransaction. It seems that this is the direction Warzone Mobile is heading based off of the success of the microtransaction system in COD Mobile.

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