Warzone July 7 update patch notes: NZ-41, H4 Blixen nerfed
Call of Duty: Warzone update patch notes
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Warzone July 7 update patch notes: NZ-41, H4 Blixen nerfed

A new set of patch notes might bring some changes to the meta

The update that many Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been waiting for in Season 4 has arrived. On Thursday, developer Raven Software released a new set of patch notes that detail a couple of key weapon nerfs in Warzone. Those weapon nerfs apply to the NZ-41 and H4 Blixen, both of which have been dominating the meta.

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Fans who have kept their finger on the pulse of Warzone knew a nerf like this was coming eventually, as the NZ-41 especially was simply too strong in its current form. The developers released a similar update last week but that didn’t nerf the NZ-41 or H4 Blixen enough.

Players can view the entire list of patch notes on Raven Software’s website or look below for the highlights of the update.

Warzone July 7 patch notes

The main points of interest for this update are the two weapon nerfs to the NZ-41 and H4 Blixen. The rest of the patch notes detail several bug fixes that have been applied in Warzone.

NZ-41 (VG)

  • Recoil Recovery decreased by 20%

H4 Blixen (VG)

  • Lower Torso Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.0, down from 1.1

Raven Software has decreased the recoil recovery of the NZ-41 by 20% while lowering the lower-body damage multiplier of the H4 Blixen by a single point. The developers described recoil recovery in the patch notes so fans know exactly what’s being decreased on the NZ-41.

Recoil Recovery is the speed in which the screen attempts to return to center after firing each shot,” the devs said. “The result of this change is a noticeable difference in recoil intensity for the NZ-41 (VG) and was originally intended to be paired with the last update to the Weapon’s recoil.” 

Essentially, this means that the NZ-41 will now suffer much more recoil than it’s had since Season 4 began. The strong recoil control of the NZ-41 was the main reason it was so overpowered in Warzone. With this new update, the Vanguard rifle shouldn’t be nearly as strong as it previously was.

As for the H4 Blixen, players shouldn’t see a huge difference, but they’ll want to aim for the upper body now more than ever.

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