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There’s a laundry list of glitches that have plagued Call of Duty: Warzone throughout its many seasons. From the Roze skin glitch to the demon gun bug, Warzone players are used to seeing strange occurrences in their matches. However, by far one of the most frustrating glitches to ever pop up in Warzone has to do with invincibility.

The aptly named invincibility glitch has rampaged through Warzone in various ways since the game was released in 2020. Players thought it was gone for the past few months, but it has seemingly reared its ugly head again in Season 4.

A new clip surfaced online that saw a player trying to kill an enemy that would not go down. Bullets did nothing, and neither did an assassination attempt, which is truly strange, even by Warzone standards. It’s not confirmed this clip is proof of an invincibility glitch, as cheaters could easily be behind the incident, but fans responded by saying this exact thing has been happening to them as well.

Invincibility glitch might be back in Warzone

The clip comes from Warzone streamer TrickyRick, who was in a final circle situation with a few other players. The streamer tried to kill an enemy with their weapon, but after an entire magazine, the enemy still had not dropped, leading to the streamer taking down the remaining players in the lobby. However, when it came time to eliminate the seemingly impenetrable enemy, the invincibility glitch might have doomed the streamer.

As fans can see, TrickyRick’s bullets didn’t do anything, and neither did their assassination attempt. After the assassination animation was complete, the enemy player just moved as normal and then turned around to shoot the streamer. While some fans were quick to point out that this is a notorious cheat, others responded with clips of their own that showcase the same thing happening to them.

It appears there’s a chance that “godmode” has returned to Warzone, which basically means some players can’t be killed. As of right now, there’s no knowledge of how this glitch could happen to unsuspecting players or if players are doing something intentional to make themselves invincible. Raven Software has not mentioned anything on the matter but perhaps they’re gathering data to deploy a patch in the upcoming mid-season update.

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