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Spanish organization Vodafone Giants have been penalized by VALORANT Championship Tour organizer Riot Games, for using a Cypher cam exploit during a match. 

The Vodafone Giants will be given a one map loss for their next VCT match as a result.

“Team Vodafone Giants will receive a one-map loss applied to their next official VALORANT Champions Tour match due to violating rules regarding competitive integrity and use of in-game exploits,” Riot said in a statement published Tuesday, July 6

The usage of the bug was not intentional, one Vodafone Giants player told Upcomer on June 30. The team reported the bug following the conclusion of the match. “We never ever wanted to abuse it,” one player told Upcomer. 

When the Vodafone Giants used the bug during the VCT Stage 3 Challengers 1 qualifier, it was reported by the opposing team, ‘Bref.’ But, the administrator did not penalize Vodafone Giants because the bug was not “listed.” 

The exploit was used on the Breeze map. By using the Cypher Cam, Vodafone Giants managed to look through a glitched texture which allowed them to gain vision for A main. 

Giants, by using the exploit, managed to secure their place in the round of 16. But the organization was defeated by Rix.GG Thunder, 2-0, to miss out on a spot in the closed qualifier. 

‘Bref’ was knocked out of the tournament due to this exploit. However, no action will be taken by Riot Games to ensure ‘Bref’ is compensated for their loss to Vodafone Giants. 

The Giants are likely set to compete in the upcoming VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2 Open Qualifier. To ensure qualification for Masters in Berlin, Vodafone Giants need to qualify for Challengers 2, qualify for EMEA Stage 3 Playoffs and finish in the top four. The Challengers 2 Open Qualifier begins later this month.

‘Bref,’ on the other hand, will likely make the same journey to try and qualify for Masters. Masters Berlin is set to take place in September.