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The Korean superteam Vision Strikers have been eliminated from Iceland contention after losing 2-0 in a one-sided match against NUTURN Gaming. 

Vision Strikers were known as the unbeatable team in the Korean VALORANT Champions Tour circuit. They accumulated over 100 victories without dropping a series until April 15, when they lost their first series to F4Q. After that loss, their record sat at 104 wins, four ties and one defeat. 

After placing first at the last twenty events in dominant fashion, Vision Strikers were favorites to take the Korean spot at Masters 2 in Iceland. However, NUTURN Gaming, who had nearly defeated Vision Strikers at the offline Masters 1 event, sought revenge against them. The lower team of the semifinal match would drop out of the tournament completely while the winner would move on to the Grand Final to fight for a spot at Masters 2. NUTURN Gaming had their minds set on defeating Vision Strikers, taking the first map 13-9 before finishing them off on the second at 13-7.

Vision Strikers fall hard to NUTURN Gaming

Ascent, picked by Vision Strikers, started off the best-of-three series and were favored to win 92% to 8% on TheSpikeGG. The game was tied at the half 6-6, with neither team giving an inch amidst high stakes. However, NUTURN Gaming gained its footing early in the second half after winning the first two rounds. Vision Strikers would only get a total of three rounds in the second half before dropping 13-9 to NUTURN Gaming. Kim “glow” Min-Soo, on the side of Vision Strikers, had a difficult time getting kills on Astra. He finished Ascent at 8/18 overall, dropping a 0.44 KD.

Bind would be the second and final map of the series and NUTURN Gaming’s map pick. After taking a two round lead at the half on defense, NUTURN Gaming continued to steamroll Vision Strikers in the second half. They won the first four rounds to bring the score to 11-5 before eventually winning the series 13-7. NUTURN Gaming’s Park “allow” Sang-Wook was the MVP of the series after dropping 46 kills on Jett across both maps. Allow’s overall KD for the semifinal match against Vision Strikers was an astonishing 1.76. NUTURN Gaming moves on to the grand finals to face off against DWG KIA. This match will determine which team goes to Iceland.