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Welcome to Showstopper, Upcomer’s weekly VALORANT talk show. This week it’s an all-Upcomer affair with our hosts Yinsu Collins, Tyler Erzberger and Danny Appleford as they break down everything that is wrong with NA VALORANT, from TSM’s latest failure to qualify for Challengers and T1’s disqualification.

Both T1 and TSM failed to qualify for the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 1 Challengers event after butting heads on Twitter over a cheating scandal connected to T1’s head coach. They are joined by Gen.G Esports and FaZe Clan on the list of major organizations that had rocky starts to 2022 VALORANT.

New teams are stepping up to the plate this year with The Guard, Knights and Evil Geniuses all joining a closed qualifier event for the first time. These new faces impressed during the open qualifier and they’re now hungry to prove themselves against top-tier teams like Team Envy, 100 Thieves and Cloud9.

The Showstopper crew had some mixed feelings on which two teams would qualify for Masters 1. But they all agreed on one thing: Sentinels won’t survive the lineup of talent that the other 11 teams have put together in the offseason and will fail to qualify for the first masters event.

Come find out what’s wrong with NA VALORANT on this week’s episode of Showstopper!

Showstopper is Upcomer’s weekly VALORANT show, featuring a variety of guests in the VALORANT community — from players, coaches, analysts and on-air talent to Riot developers. Make sure to tune in every Wednesday on YouTube so you don’t miss anything!

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