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Esports as we know it today is still growing and evolving, but behind it there’s a rich history dating back decades, punctuated by the iconic plays that have transcended into legend.

We’ve debated and discussed all of these moments to put together our list of the top 25 of them.

At number 25 we’ve got a play that changed the course of League of Legends history: Ruler’s 4.5 million dollar Flash at Worlds 2017. The unstoppable reign of what was then SK Telecom T1 came crumbling down as Ruler of Samsung Galaxy Flash ult-ed to kill Faker and open up SKT for the final blow in their grand finals set, earning him the title of Worlds 2017 MVP and the Summoner’s Cup.

How about number 24? As the youngest game on our list VALORANT’s legends are still being written, but that didn’t stop Dicey from making one of the most iconic plays in the game thus far. In Immortals’ match against Sentinels at Pop Flash, Dicey had the odds stacked against him. Despite that, he single-handedly outplayed Sentinels, taking them on a wild goose chase around Bind and using every tool in his kit to score some of the most creative outplays in competitive VALORANT history.

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