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Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk is a hyper aggressive, edge of your seat, supremely talented VALORANT duelist. The young prodigy climbed from the bottom of the North American Counter-Strike scene to near the very top of VALORANT in the blink of an eye. He went from a talented yet green prospect in his mid teens to a true world-class duelist who still has room for growth.

With 100 Thieves, Asuna led the charge for their qualification to VCT Masters Berlin; the organization’s first appearance at an international VALORANT LAN. But, beyond Berlin, Asuna has every tool at his disposal to become a VALORANT icon both inside and outside of the server.

Here is The Rise of Asuna.

Early Asuna

Asuna’s start in FPS esports will sound familiar to many. An older relative introduced him to Counter-Strike and he grew serious about the game in his teens. He cut his teeth in open qualifiers for big tournaments, winning the odd ESEA event here and there, and attending several LANs before things moved online in 2020. But the obviously talented aimer largely toiled in obscurity with minor organizations or temporary stack teams with fellow up-and-coming NA talent. Despite feeling talented enough, the opportunity for Asuna to step into the Tier 1 scene in North America never came. His final home in Counter-Strike was with Triumph Esports; an opportunity that lasted just over a month before being cut short.

So, when the prospect of a new first person shooter esport — one with more accessible opportunities — appeared on his radar, Asuna immediately got noticed. After impressing in some of VALORANT’s formative events, Immortals would have first crack at Asuna. With his move to Immortals, Asuna was wearing the jersey of a truly Tier 1 organization for the first time in his career.

Experience The Rise of Asuna by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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