Video: Ranking Every Valorant Player at Masters Berlin | Top Tier Ep.7
Ranking Every Valorant Player

Video: Ranking every VALORANT player at Masters Berlin with Boaster and Vansilli | Top Tier Ep.7

Where will your favorite player end up?
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Welcome to a very special episode of Top Tier. With VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3: Masters Berlin about to kick off, we decided to rank every VALORANT player in attendance.

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To give us a hand, we brought in some very special guests. Hosts Yinsu Collins and Tyler “Fionn” Erzberger were joined by Upcomer’s own George Geddes, commentator and analyst Vansilli, and none other than the most charismatic man in VALORANT Jake “Boaster” Howlett.

Now, when it comes to ranking every VALORANT player going to Berlin, obviously there’s a ton of talent on this list. So, we’re sorry in advance; not everyone’s favorite will make it in the top 20. But we can promise you that this list will be the best player preview you will find on VCT Stage 3 Masters. When it comes down to the tough choices of where we place each player, our panel has you covered.

This episode was originally recorded live on Sept. 3. If you missed the livestream, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and ring the bell so that you won’t miss out on any more of Boaster’s NA player impressions. Will your favorite player make our top five? Watch and find out.

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