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Top Tier is back and, this week, we’re ranking VALORANT agents. But this isn’t your standard competitive analysis agent tier list. We based our picks off of the identity of the characters themselves, along with their lore and style.

Riot Games has created some of the coolest and vibrant characters in gaming, and VALORANT is no exception. Since the game’s initial release in June of 2020, VALORANT has had some of the most badass agents ever seen in a competitive multiplayer shooter.

Jett is undoubtedly one of the coolest default agents to be released in a free-to-play esport and her in-game backstory is just as interesting. She is a South Korean assassin who, before joining VALORANT, worked as a cook or grocer — as referenced by one of her voice lines in the game.

That being said, not all default characters are created equal. Probably one of the most unpopular characters in VALORANT, at least from a lore standpoint, is Sova. Although he is pretty important for competitive matches on the server, his personality and character design leave something to be desired. VALORANT players often refer to Sova as “Hanzo,” a similar character to use a bow and arrow from Activision Blizzard’s older esport, Overwatch.

This week, our hosts Tyler “Fionn” Erzberger, Yinsu Collins , Nick Ray and Danny Appleford get into one of the most unhinged debates, as they justify their personal biases when it comes to their favorite VALORANT agents and while disagreeing with each others personal “criteria.” Let’s just say that this discussion takes Top Tier to places it’s never been before.

So, get ready for the Top Tier panel to break into TMI territory as we rank every VALORANT agent.

Don’t agree with our tier list? Flame us in the YouTube comment section and tweet us your own with tiermaker.com.

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