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Yinsu Collins

Tyler Erzberger

Lexi Johnson

Ivan Cortez

Spencer Pascoe


Welcome back to another episode of Showstopper, our weekly VALORANT show. This week, hosts Yinsu Collins and Tyler “Fionn” Erzberger are joined by Acend’s Patryk “starxo” Kopczyński.

The year 2021 was a fantastic one for EMEA fans, with Gambit Esports winning VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3: Masters Berlin and Acend taking home the most important trophy at VALORANT Champions. And, one of the biggest rising stars from the EMEA region is starxo, who has been widely acknowledged as one of the best flex players in the world.

After taking a post-Champions Christmas break, starxo joined Yinsu and Tyler to reflect on everything that happened at the biggest VALORANT tournament to date. The 20-year-old spoke candidly about what it was like to be on the receiving end of an online hate mob and how he was eventually able to move on from the entire situation.

On a more light-hearted note, for this week’s Roast My Tier List, Yinsu, Tyler and starxo put the team jerseys from Champions up to the test. Last but not least, Acend are one of the invited teams for the EMEA VCT and starxo revealed what he’d like to achieve in 2022.

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Showstopper is Upcomer’s weekly VALORANT show, featuring a variety of guests in the VALORANT community. From players, coaches, analysts and on-air talent to Riot developers. Make sure to tune in every Wednesday on YouTube so you don’t miss anything!

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