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The Shanghai Dragons ended their 2021 season as the dominant force in the Overwatch League. But, only a few seasons prior, they were the worst team major esports had ever seen.

In their inaugural OWL season, they ended with 40 straight losses next to their name and not a single victory. But the Shanghai Dragons bounced back, refusing to be defined by their winless campaign. Season upon season, the Dragons made huge leaps, transforming from Overwatch’s weakest team to its strongest. But how did they make such a miraculous turn around?

This is the Fall and Rise of the Shanghai Dragons.

The Fall

When The Overwatch League entered the scene in 2018, Overwatch was no longer predominantly a regionalized esport. The league ushered in bigger prize pools, brought together the greatest players from around the globe and became the new proving ground, no matter where you were from.

Not only would the OWL reveal who’d rise to the top, but it would also uncover who wasn’t cut out for the most competitive environment the game had ever seen.

And the Shanghai Dragons, the first Overwatch League franchise to officially be announced, were slotted straight into the latter category.

Experience The Fall and Rise Again of the Shanghai Dragons by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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