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Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas is back the top of VALORANT.

He’s a Spanish esports icon, one of Europe’s most talented VALORANT players and someone who’s endured a rollercoaster ride of a career.

You see, when VALORANT made its explosive entry into esports in 2020, mixwell was leading his region’s first powerhouse organization to glory. But, as the scene developed, contenders to mixwell’s throne arose and G2 Esports were knocked off their pedestal.

It was a story of brief greatness followed by a swift fall from grace that mixwell knew only too well. A near mirror image of what had previously happened to him in Counter-Strike.

In CS:GO, mixwell wasn’t able to achieve sustained success or realize his true potential as a competitor. But in VALORANT, things are much, much different.

This is The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of mixwell.

The Rise

Growing up in Spain, gaming ruled mixwell’s house. Even his younger brother found a home in esports and went on to become a League of Legends pro. Having been exposed to the possibilities of pro gaming early on, a 12-year-old mixwell, infatuated with Counter-Strike, began to pursue his own professional career.

Throughout 2014, mixwell became a staple in small, regional events. He was a mechanically gifted rising prospect and a versatile player with supreme game sense. In just two years, he’d worked his way to the very top of the niche Spanish scene, capable of clutching with the AWP one round and strategically outwitting the enemy team the next. In early 2016, while honing his skills in a gaming house provided by his then org gBots eSports Club, a 20-year-old mixwell announced himself to the world as a player ready for the big leagues at ESL Expo Barcelona.

Experience The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of mixwell by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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