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The Piltover enforcer Vi is the latest champion coming to Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra. Following last week’s impressive release with Swain, Vi brings her 1-2 punch to the title. With a focus on card draw and casting multiple spells a turn, the latest spoilers for the Piltover & Zaun region add a lot to the game.

Vi becomes a Legend

Vi is all about casting spells and dealing damage. Every spell cast – while she is either in hand or play – gives her +1/+0, up to a max of +8/+0. If you have the right hand, Vi can come down as a 10/5, or close enough to it. Once she deals 10 damage to anything, she levels up, and that is where she shines.

Once Vi levels up, she gains a boost to her stats and a powerful new ability. Every time she strikes a unit, she deals five damage to the enemy nexus. Combine that with spells like Single Combat or a late-game Judgement, and Vi can take out the enemy nexus even when not in combat.

Other Runeterra spoilers

To help dispense her own brand of justice, Vi has some pretty powerful cards releasing with her. An interesting mechanic shared by both Gotcha! and Patrol Wardens is that they cost less on the turn they are drawn. Patrol Wardens can apply some intense pressure when played on turn 2, but it’s not particularly impressive outside of that.

Gotcha! is the much better of these cards, as a two-mana spell to deal three damage is extremely powerful. This card will shine when combined with a fully leveled up Karma or with Swain. Many will likely include it in their decks once it officially releases on April 30.

Legends of Runeterra Vi

Veteran Investigator is the first card in the game that forces your opponent to draw a card. It won’t have a huge impact on the game, but it is interesting to see Riot Games experiment with new mechanics. Paired with it is Insightful Investigator, which draws a fleeting card whenever its controller casts a two cost card.

Combined with other cards from the Piltover region, Vi and her Investigators have plenty of synergies to dominate the game. If you missed them, make sure to check out Maokai and Sejuani’s spoilers. And for all your Legends of Runeterra news and more, follow Daily Esports.

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