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Yesterday, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile was officially showcased for the first time by Activision. Previously, all the publishers did was confirm that it exists and tease that more information is coming at Call of Duty on Sept. 15. However, we now have an official Twitter account for the new mobile experience as well as a short teaser trailer. While the trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay or in-game footage, it does showcase some interesting cinematics that seemingly teases the return of Verdansk.

Verdansk was the original Warzone map during its inital release in March of 2020; the map was ultimately given a makeover in late 2020, and then replaced in 2021 with Caldera. Since then, players have been clamoring to see Verdansk again in any capacity. While it seems unlikely this current version of Warzone or even Warzone 2 will see the original Verdansk, Warzone Mobile seems to be centered around it.

Warzone Mobile to bring back Verdansk?

In the teaser trailer for Warzone Mobile, there’s a short cinematic that plays before the end of the video. This cinematic sees a plane flying in the sky and going straight at the camera. Longtime Warzone fans will instantly recognize this cinematic as the opening intro for the original version of Verdansk in Warzone.

It seems unlikely that Activision would choose to use this as promotional material for Warzone Mobile unless they are planning on bringing Verdansk back for the new mobile game. While leaks already pointed towards Verdansk coming to Warzone Mobile, this all but confirms its existence.

There’s no release date for Warzone Mobile as of yet, but we do know it’s coming sometime in 2023. The most likely source of official information will be at Call of Duty Next on Sept. 15. However, it’s unclear exactly how much Activision is going to show off during this event.

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