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A new map has released in Call of Duty: Warzone more than a year since the battle royale launched. The old Verdansk map has been changed to “Verdansk 84” to more closely match the Black Ops universe. The modern setting has been reverted to a 1980s theme with several fan-favorite locations from previous Black Ops titles.

While the overall look of the map feels the same in Season 3 many of the named locations have changed.

Every new location in Verdansk 84


There are a total of seven new POIs for players to explore along with some updates to pre-existing locations like Downtown and Superstore. Here are all the new locations along with the full map layout for Verdansk 84:

New Warzone locations

  • Gora Summit — Replaces Dam with the Summit map from Black Ops 1
  • Airplane Factory — Located in the center of the map
  • Grid Array — Replaces Array
  • Verdansk Stadium — Updated take on the previous version of Stadium
  • Airport — Fully reconstructed version of the old Verdansk Airport
  • Farmhouse — Changed to the Black Ops 2 map, Standoff, which also arrives in Black Ops Cold War Season 3
  • Superstore — Updated version of the previous Superstore
  • Downtown — The buildings are now less cluttered and features the new Broadcast building
  • Karst Salt Mines — Expanded version of Quarry
  • Old Mine — New area that allows for traversal between Gora Summit and the northwest portion of Verdansk 84
Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Verdansk 84
The full overview of Verdansk 84. Image via Activision

In addition to the new and updated POIs, there were some adjustments to old locations. Places like Apartments, Hills and Promenade now feature new areas to reflect the Black Ops Cold War theme. Fans of Warzone need to get accustomed to Verdansk 84 as the old version is not returning to the game. Raven Software is fully committed to this version until the next Call of Duty title switches things up again.

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