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Season 9 of Fortnite brought many changes to gameplay and strategy. The first week of qualifiers in Season 9 of the Fortnite World Cup will be played without Ballers, Quadcrashers, or Hoverboards. Epic Games announced that all vehicles will be disabled during the Finals on Sunday. The announcement came late Saturday night. Epic is working on the issue and hopes to release a fix as soon as possible. Vehicles will remain in every other game mode besides the World Cup.

Players had problems exiting the vehicles during the Online Opens. There are also problems with the vehicles’ movement. Occasionally, Hoverboards and Quadcrashers shoot off into random directions. This is typically caused when two vehicles collide. Although, the true cause of the issue is still unknown. Until Epic Games fixes the problem, they chose to remove vehicles entirely.

Sudden changes to affect gameplay

Many players drop places where vehicles spawn. Players rely on vehicles for movement and rotations. Now, just hours before the finals for Week 5, players must adopt a new strategy. Turner “Tfue” Tenney often uses the Quadcrasher to rotate. Other players such as Timothy “Bizzle” Miller use the Ballers. In fact, Bizzle moved on to the Sunday round without using weapons. He stayed in balls and used movement items to outlast opponents.

Blessing in disguise?

The lack of Ballers will have the largest impact on play. The Ballers have been controversial since they were introduced. The vehicles received a nerf to lessen their impact. Since then, the Ballers continue to play a key role in competitive games. Usually, it is expected to see multiple Ballers late in the game. They are great for protection and mobility. At least for Week 5, Ballers and other vehicles cannot be used.

The competitive community has shown a disliking of the Ballers in tournaments. Now, the games will be played without any vehicles at all. This is not the exact change players wanted but provides a test run. Changes such as these are generally not welcomed in any competitive game. Vehicles are a huge part of the game, and the change was made just hours before the event.

What do you think of the sudden change? How should Epic Games handle bugs in the future?

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