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It appears the “honeymoon phase” for Call of Duty: Warzone and Activision has ended. Players are starting to become more annoyed with the game’s mechanics, especially regarding audio and vehicles. In regard to the latter, Warzone players are starting to take advantage of how strong the vehicles are. Not only can you run people over, killing them instantly, but you’re not able to even go near a moving vehicle without dying. Professional players and streamers started to notice these issues the past few days, taking to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

Warzone players fed up with vehicle mechanics

The issues we’re talking about more correspond to the ground vehicles and not the helicopters. Granted, those can be annoying as well, but they don’t compare to the cargo truck or tactical rover. It’s because moving vehicles can instantly down you if you make contact with them. This includes if something like the cargo truck is going a measly 5 MPH. Team Liquid streamer Lucas “Mendokusaii” Håkansson showcases this mechanic in a recent tweet.

As you can see, Mendo simply jumps onto the truck while it’s moving and instantly dies. It’s unclear if this is a bug or not, but we wouldn’t be surprised if something like this happens regularly. The vehicles in Warzone are just that powerful.

Another issue many players are frustrated with is the fact that you can jump out of a moving vehicle and not sustain any damage. No matter how fast a vehicle is going in Warzone, you can safely jump out, which doesn’t make any sense.

Activision has yet to comment on the issue within Warzone. However, with how many high-profile personalities are complaining, some kind of nerf or statement should come in a future update.

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