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The viewership for VALORANT’s first international LAN grand final, VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2: Reykjavik, peaked at more than 1 million on May 30.

In the culmination of six days of best of three matches between various regions, the final peaked at 1,085,527 viewers according to echarts.com. The previous peak before the finals came to 748,467 viewers. These numbers are the combined total viewers from Twitch, YouTube and co-streams of the event.

VCT Masters 2 viewership history

North America leads the way in VCT Masters 2 viewership according to Esports Charts. The region watched more than 18 million hours of VCT events so far. That accounts for about 42% of the total hours watched in competitive VALORANT. The region with the next most hours watched is Europe at about 8 million and Turkey at about 6 million. Across the first two stages of the VCT, Twitch led the streaming market. The platform contributed 86% of the hours watched live while YouTube and Facebook took up 13% and 1% respectively.

North America and Europe qualifiers for Masters 2 peaked at almost 230,000 and 240,000 peak viewers respectively. Other regions stay around the 50,000 peaked viewers mark for their qualifying tournaments.

At Masters 2, the most watched games were the clashes between Europe and North America. Outside of the grand finals, Version1 vs. Team Liquid and Sentinels’ previous matchup against Fnatic were the most watched series. Version1’s match peaked at 748,467 viewers while Sentinels vs. Fnatic rounded out at 721,411.

In comparison to Valve’s tactile shooter, the finals outdrew the 2019 Berlin Major and the 2017 Kraków Major according to Esports Charts.

The Masters 2 tournament as a whole brought in more than 25 million hours watched and an average of almost 500,000 viewers. Sentinels took the grand final against Fnatic in front of the more than 1 million viewers in three games to close out the tournament. VALORANT will continue with VCT Stage 3 in the summer and culminate in Masters 3: Berlin and Champions in December.