VCT Masters 2, Day 4: Europe stays alive in the lower bracket
Fnatic celebrate their victory over X10 with a team picture
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VCT Masters 2, Day 4: Europe stays alive in the lower bracket

Fnatic and Team Liquid prevail, NUTURN shuts down Version1
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Day four of VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2: Reykjavík has come to a close; both kings of Europe remain in the tournament while another two teams were eliminated. X10 and KRÜ Esports said goodbye to their first international tournament after losing to Fnatic and Team Liquid respectively. Meanwhile, Korea’s NUTURN was able to overthrow Version1 and stop North America’s steamroll through Masters 2.

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VCT Masters 2 continues May 28 with Version1 vs. Fnatic has the first game and ends with Sentinels vs. NUTURN Gaming.

Korea finally stops Version1’s reign of terror on VCT Masters 2 Day four

NUTURN Gaming was able to finally put a halt to North America’s tear through the upper bracket. After winning a close matchup against Team Liquid, Version1 advanced to play against Korea in the VCT Masters 2 upper bracket semi-final.

Haven, picked by Version1, was one-sided in the favor of the North Americans, who took the lead 9-3 at the half. NUTURN were unable to get things going on Haven and were constantly getting steamrolled by Version1. Version1 was hitting their shots, flanks, and Viper lineups perfectly to close out the map one win 13-3.

Ascent, picked by NUTURN, had both teams equally trading rounds back and forth. Version1 took the first four rounds of the map, which led them to a 7-5 advantage at the half. However, their lead did not last long, as NUTURN soon began to turn things around and string together consecutive rounds. After a close second half, Version1 brought things back at the very end to earn themselves overtime. Version1 managed to win the first round of overtime before NUTURN shut them out and took the game 15-13.

Split was the deciding map of the series and saw NUTURN come out the gate hot. The Koreans took the lead 5-1 in the early rounds of the map, but Version1 was able to bring things back to tie 6-6 at the half. Version1 strung together five consecutive rounds to bring things to match point, but NUTURN refused to roll over and forced another overtime. Despite the good momentum in the second half, Version1 was unable to win a round in overtime and lost the match 14-12. NUTURN took the series 2-1 and move on to face Sentinels in the VCT Masters 2 upper bracket final.

Fnatic’s dance moves were too strong for X10

Fnatic held on to their dreams of making it to the finals at Iceland after their victory over X10. Despite a brilliant performance from Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong yesterday, X10 was unable to showcase that same greatness against Fnatic. We say goodbye to yet another team at Iceland during day four.

Icebox, picked by Fnatic, had the European kings flexing their muscles against Thailand. After going up 8-1 early, Fnatic closed out the first half on the icy loading dock 8-4. X10 tried getting things going again during the second half, but Fnatic stuffed them at every turn. Fnatic finished map one 13-4 after preventing X10 from gaining another round.

Haven was X10’s choice and started in their favor. They strung together three consecutive rounds early. Fnatic only allowed X10 to get those critical three rounds in the first half before going on a nine-round win streak to finish the half 9-3. With their backs against the wall, X10 did what they could to bring things back on defense, getting another two rounds to bring the total to 9-5. It wasn’t enough to stop Fnatic, who were out for blood after taking the lead in the first half. X10 fell in the second map to a closer scoreline at 13-9.

Team Liquid keep cool against KRÜ Esports on VCT Masters 2 Day four

Team Liquid avoided a game three against KRÜ Esports by closing things out on Ascent. Despite the best effort from the Argentinians, KRÜ Esports were unable to keep things clean and eventually fell out of Masters 2.

KRÜ’s choice of Split instantly went the way of Team Liquid, who opened the map with the first two rounds. Team Liquid refused to let up against KRÜ, keeping the momentum to get the scoreline to 10-2 at the half. Their four-round win streak carried into the second half, where KRÜ was unable to get a single round. Team Liquid took game one on Split in an overwhelming 13-2.

Ascent was picked by Team Liquid and initially went in favor of KRÜ, who kept Team Liquid at bay. KRÜ took the lead by two rounds at the half, but were unable to keep that lead going into the second. Team Liquid mentally reset and drove things home with an eight-round win streak to close things out 13-9.

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