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Out of the dozen-plus killstreaks in Call of Duty: Vanguard, the Flamenaut turning players into a flamethrower wielding juggernaut might be the strongest of the bunch. And if spewing flames with extra health doesn’t sound powerful enough, that fire never runs out, meaning players can keep burning until enemies manage to damage their juggernaut suit enough. As a result, players are calling for a nerf.

The Flamenaut is currently a nine-killstreak in Vanguard multiplayer, which could be considered a little low considering what it can do. This is especially true on smaller maps, like Das Haus and Shipment, where players can essentially spawn trap enemies into a cascade of flames.

Flamenaut killstreak subject of player discussions in Vanguard

In a new Reddit post, simply titled “Flamethrower ridiculously OP (overpowered),” one player goes over how strong the Flamenaut streak really is. They compare the killstreak’s health to that of Thanos, the supervillain from Marvel’s Avengers. While the Flamenaut doesn’t have that much health, dealing with it does require several magazine rounds.

Flamethrower ridiculously OP. from CODVanguard

The Redditor also brought up the Flamenaut’s range, as the flames can reach a fairly long distance. This makes spawn trapping enemies with the killstreak much simpler. Players on smaller maps can sit in a corner, like the crates on Shipment, and continually spew flames from the flamethrower to kill enemies as soon as they spawn. And since the Flamenaut has no cooldown on the flamethrower or limited ammunition, this can go on until the match ends.

Players in the comments called for nerfs to the killstreak, citing that it’s even easier to acquire with the current Dead Drop glitch. However, other players gave their fellow Vanguard comrades some tips on how to take the Flamenaut down. Apparently, equipping a Bayonet on a rifle and stabbing the Flamenaut suit will result in an instant kill. Of course, this requires players get close enough to the juggernaut to pull off the maneuver.

Regardless of different methods to eliminate the killstreak, players still feel a nerf is in order. Perhaps one will come with the upcoming Season 1 update in Vanguard, which arrives on December 9.

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