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The map Bocage is perhaps best-known for having the most walls and breakable doors out of all the maps in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer. While this can be annoying, it’s nothing compared to one recent exploit discovered on the map that makes the map not have walls at all.

This particular exploit was discovered by members of the community who posted their findings on social media. The players were seemingly trying to find spots to watch the B Bomb in Search and Destroy. However, this led them finding that walls don’t seem to stop any bullets on Bocage.

Bocage is broken in Vanguard

The exploit on the map gives players the ability to shoot through seemingly anything and kill enemies. In one clip, the player goes to the opposite side of Bocage to kill his teammate planting the bomb at B. The player shoots through multiple objects, including the ground itself, to earn the kill.

The second clip to showcase this exploit is less shocking but still sees a player kill an enemy through a solid wall. Both were posted to Twitter by CDL Intel.

The players confirmed they weren’t running the FMJ Ammo Type on their weapons in these clips. FMJ still wouldn’t excuse the fact that they were shooting through solid surfaces to kill enemies.

This kind of exploit could ruin a game mode like Search and Destroy. Planting the bomb at B could give players a huge advantage, as they don’t need to be anywhere near the bomb to see if players are defusing it. Of course, it’s also a problem for regular game modes, as players can earn kills on unsuspecting players through multiple walls.

Sledgehammer Games has yet to comment on this issue. Players can keep track of the developers’ known issues in Vanguard on their Trello board.

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