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In the early life cycle of Call of Duty: Vanguard, there have been a fair amount of bugs and glitches to pop up. From the defuse glitch in Search and Destroy to the Deployable Cover causing players to ascend an imaginary elevator, Sledgehammer Games has some work to do. And some of that work is focused around a bug that is crashing players’ games when they try to select the Operator Daniel in Vanguard multiplayer.

Daniel is the first Operator on the list of 12. He’s a Marksman Rifle enthusiast and can be unlocked fairly easily. However, once players try to use him in-game, they may notice that their game starts to crash more. This is due to a specific bug with the character that Sledgehammer Games has confirmed they’re looking into.

Daniel Operator causes crashes in Vanguard

The issue was first discovered last week, when players began reporting crashes in Vanguard. These players eventually started to compare notes on their individual crashes and realized that the Daniel Operator was a common denominator.

Sledgehammer Games followed up the discovery by tweeting a humorous GIF telling players to not use Daniel in multiplayer.

The root cause of the bug seems to be players equipping a specific outfit for Daniel. The issue doesn’t seem to occur if players use the base outfit for the Operator. However, to be safe, players should simply wait for the issue to be completely resolved before trying to use him.

Daniel is unlocked by earning 200 kills with Marksman Rifles in Vanguard. He provides Double XP and Weapon XP for players if they use the M1 Garand with him equipped in multiplayer. Fans of the M1 Garand will have to wait to take advantage of the XP bonuses with Daniel until Sledgehammer releases an update.

That update should come this week. The developers have already confirmed that a nerf for the shotguns and a fix for the defuse glitch is arriving this week.