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On Thursday, Activision let loose the full details on Call of Duty: Vanguard. The reveal trailer, release date and details on campaign, multiplayer, Warzone and zombies were all announced. It’s been an action-packed day for Call of Duty fans, but the information stream surrounding Vanguard doesn’t appear to be stopping. On the unofficial side of things, a reputable Call of Duty leaker has released details on some important features in Vanguard. Namely, how Dead Silence and killstreaks will work.

Leaks have become a huge part of the Call of Duty community over the past few years. They allow fans to get a glimpse into the content and features coming in the current/next Call of Duty title, building hype for the franchise. After the dust settled from the influx of Vanguard news earlier today, the leaks continued to roll in for the 2021 game. The most prominent of these leaks deals with information on Dead Silence and killstreaks.

How Dead Silence and killstreaks will reportedly work in Vanguard

The leaker reporting this information is @TheGhostofHope, who correctly predicted almost everything about the reveal trailer and details that came with it.

According to them, “Vanguard will have killstreaks.” This is a change from Black Ops Cold War’s scorestreak system, which allows players to earn progress for their streak by playing the objective. Killstreaks, on the other hand, only allow players to gain progress through gun/equipment kills.

Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer
Vanguard is set to evolve Call of Duty. | Provided by Activision

Upcomer reached out to TheGhostofHope to clarify if the killstreaks will work differently than they do in Cold War. Essentially, trying to figure out if the killstreaks will reset upon death or not. Upcomer was not able to get a response in time before publication, but details surrounding streaks should surface in the coming weeks.

The other aspect TheGhostofHope touched on in their leaks was Dead Silence. Apparently, in the current build of Vanguard, Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade, as it was in Modern Warfare. This means players won’t have Dead Silence as a perk and will have to earn it, then activate it for only a short amount of time.

However, to give hope to players who want Dead Silence as a perk, the leaker stated that players should “politely” ask Sledgehammer Games to change this when the open beta releases. Sledgehammer has been willing to listen to player feedback in the past and if enough players want Dead Silence changed, the developers could grant the request when Vanguard fully releases on November 5. Until then, it seems Dead Silence will stay as a Field Upgrade in Vanguard.

Players can watch CDL Champs on August 22 for a brief look at Vanguard multiplayer gameplay.