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The Radar map in Call of Duty: Vanguard has been live for two days and players have discovered numerous glitches. Perhaps the biggest is a spawn bug that can prevent players from moving for the rest of the match. However, some smaller glitches have popped up that threaten the competitive integrity of matches on Radar. One of those glitches involves players having wall hacks on certain parts of the map.

Of course, these aren’t legitimate wall hacks that allow players to see where any enemy is on the map. Instead, players can look through certain surfaces to see the red nameplates of their enemies. This gives them their location and players can then shoot through the surface to kill that enemy. It’s causing some serious problems on Radar in Vanguard just days into Season 1.

The new Radar glitch in Vanguard Season 1

If any player has so far played a match on Radar, it’s possible they’ve been affected by this bug without even knowing it. On the upper sides of the map, there are two areas with green material over fences. Normally, this fence is supposed to block players from seeing enemies on the lower side of the map. Instead, the fence is acting like it’s not even there, allowing players to see right through it.

Clearly, this is a large issue that Sledgehammer Games needs to fix. Players can simply sit on the top side of the green fence and shoot at enemies as they spawn on the lower side. There’s really no counter to this glitch either, as players have to hope no enemy tries to use it against them.

This is just one of several issues that Sledgehammer will need to fix early on in Season 1. Players can keep track of all known issues in Vanguard on the official Trello Board but, as of right now, a bug-fixing update has not been announced by the developers.

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