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In recent weeks, the Mortar Barrage killstreak has become a thorn in many Call of Duty: Vanguard players’ sides. The Mortar Barrage isn’t strong as a killstreak, but can cause players to leave the match if one gets called in because it is extremely disorienting in Vanguard.

Not only does it cause massive amounts of smoke to fill up the map but it blasts through players’ headsets no matter what volume level they’re playing on. Moreover, the Mortar Barrage lasts for over a minute and can singlehandedly ruin matches if the enemy team starts abusing the streak.

All of this has resulted in the Vanguard community asking Sledgehammer Games to nerf the killstreak in some shape or fashion.

Vanguard players want a change to the Mortar Barrage

At just five kills, the Mortar Barrage is incredibly easy to obtain in a multiplayer match. This has led to players putting it on and hopping into a match with an objective, like Domination. Once they get their Mortar Barrage, the player usually puts it near the enemy’s spawn or on a popular spot on the map. Once called in, it makes the game difficult for any player in the match.

Even teammates of the player who called in the Mortar Barrage are affected by its visuals and screen shake. This led to one Reddit user to start a thread, which now has over 600 comments, to detail their problems with the Mortar Barrage. They even said they wished for the Mortar Barrage’s removal from multiplayer.

The Reddit user described the experience during a Mortar Barrage as: “You have two choices, sit still for ages and not get killed, or try to go out and kill the enemy and 9/10 [times] get killed instantly.” This sentiment echoed throughout the comments of the thread, with one player simply stating: “Mortar barrage is horrendous I hate it.”

It seems unlikely that Sledgehammer would completely remove the Mortar Barrage. If they ask the community, they may find that most feel a nerf is more than necessary.

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