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One of Valorant’s first skin collections, the Prime Collection, is making a return in the form of the Prime 2.0 Collection. This includes five new skins, novel effects and animations.

The Prime 2.0 Collection will bring Prime skins (not to be confused with Twitch Prime) to four new guns, along with adding a new melee weapon. The 2.0 skins stick to the core theme of the original Prime skins. They have similar aesthetics—and purple, black and gold colors—but they have some subtle differences. For example, there is an ox on the back of the guns instead of the wolf on the original skins.

Valorant Prime 2.0 skins

The skins come with four new color schemes, new effects and animations. The color variants are different from those in the original collection. Below are the weapons getting new Prime 2.0 skins:

  • Frenzy
  • Bucky
  • Phantom
  • Odin
  • Melee

Similar to the Glitchpop 2.0 Collection, the Prime 2.0 Collection comes with skins for guns that didn’t have them in the original collection. In addition, the original prime melee was an ax, but this new melee weapon is a karambit.

Each new gun skin will cost 1,775 Valorant Points and the melee skin will cost 3,550. The skins will rotate into the store during the next Patch cycle.

The original Prime Collection

Originally released on June 9 of 2020, Valorant’s first Prime Collection included some of the first weapon skins the game had to offer. The skins were all customizable with color options, and they were the first skins with different visual effects, sound effects and finishers. The full collection included skins for the Classic, the Spectre, the Guardian, the Phantom and the melee.

With the Valorant Prime 2.0 Collection, the only guns without Prime skins will be the Shorty, the Ghost, the Frenzy, the Stinger, the Ares, the Marshal and the Operator. This is the third collection to get a reboot after the Glitchpop and the Prism collections.

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