VALORANT's new map Breeze comes with a Yoru glitch
The A site on Breeze and its pyramids
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VALORANT’s new map Breeze comes with a Yoru glitch

Players abuse this Breeze A site glitch to rank up in VALORANT
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The newest map to VALORANT, Breeze, comes with glitches as it joins the ranked pool. Breeze released on April 27 in casual play but was delayed for two weeks in ranked queues. Now, in the competitive queue, glitches involving Yoru and his teleport ability have copped up on Breeze.

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The new glitch allows for players to plant inside one of the A site pyramids. Yoru can exit the pyramid afterward or remain inside to confuse the enemy. Either way, the enemy team cannot defuse the spike unless they recreate the same glitch. Unlike other exploits or glitches in the game that require timing or trail and error, this glitch is easy to reproduce and execute.

How to plant inside the Breeze pyramid as Yoru

The glitch seems to work with the pyramid farthest from the door leading to the middle of the map. Players just need to have the bomb as Yoru and get as close to the terrain as possible before activating his ability. Then, with the bomb, send out Yoru’s teleport ability, Gatecrash, inside of the pyramid. Players can see if the glitch worked by whether or not the ability shows up inside the pyramid. Then, they must activate the ability, teleport inside the terrain and plant the bomb.

Players can hang out inside the pyramid or leave by running. Enemies cannot see anyone inside, but those inside can shoot and see through the windows. Players inside the pyramid are not invulnerable; they can still be shot, although they cannot be seen, so accuracy will be a problem. The bomb cannot be defused from inside of the pyramid unless the defenders have a Yoru of their own.

The glitch is still active with Yoru on Breeze at the time of writing, but the issue may soon be resolved by Riot Games.

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