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It seems that the leaks were correct leading up the Closed Beta of Valorant. After the early access videos went live, data-miners managed to head into the files of the game and discover all sorts of information. Part of that was evidence of a new Agent, Raze. Leakers uncovered her abilities as well as her character model. However, we didn’t know if she would be ready for the Closed Beta.

Of course, we now know the answer. Raze is already available to play in Valorant, and players have immediately noticed how overpowered she is.

Is Raze too good in Valorant?

When we first saw Raze’s abilities in the game files, we knew that she would be a strong Agent. Specializing in explosives, the demolition character is certainly not boring. All four of her abilities allow you to blow something up at one point, which is always fun in a video game.

However, when players began testing her out in Practice Mode, her incredible strength quickly became apparent. Players also noticed that one of her Basic Abilities, Blast Pack, can propel you to previously inaccessible heights. This occurs because you don’t take damage from your own explosives.

So, essentially, you can throw a pack of C4 at the ground, wait for it to explode, stand on top of it, then launch into the sky. This can be accompanied by Raze’s Ultimate Ability, which is Showstopper. This ability equips you with an insanely powerful rocket launcher that can damage enemies at all ranges. The launcher also possesses a huge blast radius, making it even more deadly.

Raze Valorant abilities

Many streamers are already calling Raze overpowered and predicting her place in Valorant‘s meta. While time will tell how strong she is in a competitive environment, we can see players calling for a nerf in the near future.

Did you receive access to the Closed Beta? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Valorant news.

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