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Is there a weapon skin in Valorant that you love but you just can’t justify paying for? The Night Market may be able to help you out. The new feature will offer discounts on weapon skins in the store.

Here’s what we know about the Night Market, including when it starts and how it works.

How the Night Market works in Valorant

So far, the store in Valorant has been extremely consistent. There is the featured collection that lasts for a week or two, and then four random weapon skins that change every day. The Night Market adds a new way to get skins.

The Night Market will bring six select skins to the store for a discounted price. Both the skins and their discounts are randomly generated, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see the skin you want in there. It seems like it will work like the “My Shop” feature in League of Legends, so it won’t refresh daily as the standard store does.

When is the new feature coming to the game?

We know the Night Market will open at some point today, December 10, likely when the store refreshes around 7 PM ET. There is currently no word on how long it will last, but if it ends up doing well, there’s always the chance that Riot will bring it back in the future with a different set of skins.

While plenty of Valorant players will likely love what they get at a discount, others are bound to be disappointed. Nevertheless, if you do see something you like, be sure to capitalize on the opportunity and get it while you can at a cheap price!

So far, this is the first opportunity for players to get skins at a discount outside of purchasing an entire collection. It’s surely a feature that will prove popular overall.