Valorant solo queue tier list: Ranking agents from the best to the meh-st
Image Credit: Bethesda
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Valorant Tier List .49

Valorant solo queue tier list: Ranking agents from the best to the meh-st

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Rated matchmaking is available in Valorant, and players have begun to showcase their skills on different Agents. After doing some research and watching hours of top-tier gameplay, here’s our solo queue tier list for when you’re playing on a team of strangers who aren’t actively communicating.

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Phoenix: He has vision control and can heal himself with his Blaze, he can zone enemies and heal himself with his Hot Hands, and he has two flashbangs due to his Curveball. On top of all of this, his ultimate allows him to scout and potentially get picks without risking his own life. He is the ultimate duelist and a great pick to solo-carry Valorant games.

Sage: She is pretty much a staple on every team at this point. Her wall prevents enemies from pushing certain angles, and her slow also helps zone off potential threats. She can heal, which is always useful, and her Resurrection can singlehandedly turn a lost round into a win.


Raze: She has already seen several nerfs to her kit, but she’s still a great pick in Valorant solo queue. Her Paint Shells and her Boom Bot are useful tools for finding where enemies might be hiding, as well as picking up kills. Her Blast Packs are an excellent tool for getting around, and her ultimate can pick up multiple kills or force enemies to give away their position.

Cypher: He has the best vision tools as of Valorant‘s 0.49 patch. Cypher can use his spy camera to detect enemy movement and set up tripwires to protect against rotations and flanks. If his team can get a pick, he can use his ultimate to find remaining enemies. He can also activate his Cyber Cage to trap unwary foes. He’s an excellent pick for carrying through surveillance.

Brimstone: This guy is extremely valuable in tournament play but seems slightly less effective in solo queue. His smokes are always nice, however, and he has one of the best ultimate abilities. Brimstone excels at making enemies give up their position. He’s a reliable asset for any team.


Jett: Her abilities leave her slightly weaker than Pheonix or Raze, but she can still be a threat in Valorant. Her mobility helps her reposition and win duels, and she can get to places other Agents can’t. Her smoke grenade is always helpful, as well.

Omen: He can see inside of his smoke, which makes it more useful, and his teleport is also helpful. He can blot out the minimap as well, which helps him confuse enemies. He’s a solid pick at the moment, but he doesn’t offer much in terms of zoning or surveillance.

Sova: Sova is a decent pick on certain Valorant maps where he can get a lot of information with his Recon Arrow. He’s a reliable option, but Cypher generally outclasses him when it comes to getting information on enemies. His ultimate is difficult to land, and his drone is easily destroyed. He is still a useful pick when played well, however.


Breach: Breach has seen a lot of success in Valorant tournaments, but he isn’t nearly as effective in solo queue. He needs a lot of communication to be effective, which is often lacking in matchmaking. That being said, he’s good at clearing out areas where enemies might be hiding. His ultimate is excellent for tight chokes, like on Haven’s point C. Breach players will need to communicate well to be effective.

Viper: Similar to Breach, Viper excels with a lot of communication. Her Toxic Screen works well when communicating, but it can also hinder unsuspecting teammates. The same can be said for her other abilities as well. Viper players will need to be careful about how they use her to ensure that they aren’t sabotaging their team.