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Valorant Spotify playlist Agents
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Valorant releases Spotify playlists for Agents

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Valorant has released official Spotify playlists tailored specifically to each Agent for players to listen to. These playlists contain music from a variety of genres and languages to fit the personality of the Agent. Raze features Brazilian singers while Omen has eerie wordless music to fit unknown origin.

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This just builds further anticipation for the official game launch. In an interview with ESPN, Valorant developer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon revealed that Valorant had almost 3 million players daily. It was after the explosive closed beta that the developers decided to move forward with the original release date. Valorant game director Joe Ziegler and SuperCakes had made an update video on Twitter that revealed that June 2 would be the worldwide release, which in turn meant the closed beta was ending. Riot’s content team has had to make up for the game being down for five days as a result.

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Valorant started the downtime off right by releasing a hype trailer on the Brazilian Twitter account. The video featured highlights for each Agent with a Brazilian remix playing in the background. This song would be at the top of Raze’s playlist later on. As the music deafened, the screen turned black and showed a teaser of a new Agent. Valorant later released a trailer showing off the new Agent named Reyna. She would be the first to receive a Spotify playlist, which already has thousands of likes.

In the following days, Valorant would slowly release official playlists for the rest of the Agents. Each song ties to the character in a certain way, whether it be ethnicity or personal flare. The playlists allow players to connect with their favorite Agents on a personal level and learn more about them. With a few days left until the worldwide release, we’re excited to see what else Valorant has in store for us.

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