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Riot Games has released a new VALORANT map, Breeze, alongside coaching slots in custom games and competitive updates with patch 2.08.

VALORANT’s latest map addition throws players into a close-quarters tropical getaway setting, to battle it out against their foes. Breeze will contain two new features, including a ‘chute’ that allows players to drop in on unsuspecting enemies and a large metal door that cannot be destroyed by gunfire.

Breeze launches alongside a Breeze-only unrated queue that will remain active for two weeks. This will allow players to get a better feel for the map beforehand. This will be the first time that Riot Games has implemented a map-only playlist. Previously, players would continuously dodge an unrated queue if they did not get to play the new map.

Breeze will also be available in the standard queues for Deathmatch, Spike Rush and Escalation. The new map will also be available in custom games. During the unrated playlist’s two-week period, Breeze will not be available in the standard unrated or competitive queues. After the two weeks have concluded, the Breeze-only queue will disappear, and Breeze will become available for both unrated and competitive.

VALORANT patch 2.08 adds coaching slots to custom games

It has been over two months since VALROANT Esports Strategist Riley Yurk revealed that coaching slots would be coming to VALORANT. The wait for them is finally over as coaching slots have officially been added with the addition of patch 2.08. Yurk originally said that Riot Games was excited for coaches to become a bigger part of matches, something that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has held onto for years.

Each team will now have a coaching slot for their respective coach during Tournament Mode custom games. Coaches will be able to spectate Tournament Mode games and are locked to observing the team chosen in the custom lobby. This will prevent coaches from potentially spectating the enemy team during matches. Coaches cannot use map pings, team chat, or voice chat while in-game. However, coaches will be able to use all chat and party chat to allow for communication with a tournament moderator. Coaches will also be able to pause the match where the functionality is allowed for players too.

All of the VALORANT 2.08 patch notes, along with more details on the Breeze map, are available via Riot Games.