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Valorant developer, Riot Games, has directly addressed behavioral issues in the latest Patch. These changes include progressed penalties for chat-based offenses, the ability to hide your Act Rank, and an added match history filter feature. 

Valorant has struggled with players not being properly penalized for their behavior in-game. Since its launch, Riot Games has added additional measures with Patches to prevent unsportsmanlike behavior. Valorant now has an escalating punishment system, for both AFK and chat-based offenses, for players reported for behavioral issues.

First, a player will receive a warning about their report in effort to encourage the offense to not happen again. Then, the player will receive queue restrictions. This makes them unable to queue for a certain time. Experience point denial is the next step. With this, the player will not receive the full amount of XP for a game. Next, Valorant will ban them from the competitive queue. Finally, the player will be entirely banned from the game for an undisclosed amount of time.

Valorant allows players to hide their Act Ranks

In the previous Patch, Valorant hid players’ current ranks from their teammates while in-game. Players would be able to see their Act Rank during the loading screen but could not see other’s current rank. This was, presumably, to stop toxicity towards certain players who were at a lower rank. Now, Valorant is allowing players to completely turn off their Act Rank. Players can toggle this feature on or off.

Another competitive update, although small, is the ability to filter match history. Normally, this feature displays the previous game modes in chronological order. Players will now be able to filter their match history to display one game mode at a time. This means that if a player only wants to see how many competitive wins they have, they can filter the other game modes out.