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Valorant’s first patch notes of episode two features changes to Jett, AFK restrictions and a complete revamp of Split. Outside of the changes to Split, Valorant patch 2.01 is making only slight changes to the rest of the game. There will be no changes to weapons, pricing, or other agents outside of Jett.

Jett’s smoke duration has been decreased from 7 seconds to only 4.5 seconds. This change comes in response to Valorant’s recent smoke changes across all agents. Brimstone’s smokes were recently given a buff by allowing him to access more of the map. Omen’s smoke speed was greatly decreased as well, making him take more time to place smokes. Additionally, Jett will now have a harder time playing with her smokes, as they will only be up for 4.5 seconds.

Valorant is also making changes to the AFK restrictions for all rounds. There will be an added AFK forgiveness for a certain number of rounds. However, repeated occurrences or extended rounds where the player is AFK will have higher penalties. Usually, players would only have a 4-minute wait if they had been reported for being AFK by their team. Now there is a possibility for that timer to increase depending on how long you were AFK for.

Valorant makes major changes to Split

After Valorant was officially released in June of 2020, Split received some minor changes from beta. Unfortunately, Split has not received any further updates and is one of the most unbalanced maps in the game.

  • Increased the width of the B Main doorway – This change should allow attackers on Split more room to navigate into B site without bottlenecking players.

Valorant patch notes

  • Simplified Ramen/Scuttle Crab area – The Scuttle Crab area previously had a hiding spot where barstools had been previously. Valorant has removed this wall completely to reduce hiding places.

valorant patch notes

  • Increased Spike plant zone boundary – An added box stack increases the planting boundary on B while also providing more cover from B Heaven.

Split B site changes

  • Increased the width in Vent Room entrance / added sloped wall – Defenders can no longer hide on the right side of the Vent Room which has now been widened and had a sloped wall added.

Split Vent Room changes

  • Increased width of the doorway to A Heaven/reduced defender safety – This change favors attackers pushing up through A Ramps and forces defenders to play from a different angle in Heaven.

Split A Heaven changes

To access the remaining changes to Split and the rest of the patch notes, check out Valorant’s website.

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