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We’ve seen the leaks, we’ve seen the trailers, and now Valorant has officially revealed Yoru as Agent 14. The stealthy Japanese Duelist brings new abilities to the game along with more lore insights.

Here’s what you need to know about Yoru along with when you can expect to play him.

Valorant shows off Yoru gameplay

Plenty of content creators got their hands on Yoru early, so we’ve got to see quite a bit of gameplay. The newest Agent uses stealth and trickery to get the edge on his opponents. Here’s a look at his abilities:

  • Bait (100 credits & 2 charges): Yoru creates a set of fake footsteps that travel in a specified direction and make footstep sounds.
  • Stun (200 credits & 2 charges): Yoru throws a flashbang that detonates after bouncing off of a surface.
  • Uninvited Guest (Free signature ability): Yoru creates a marker at a specific location that he can teleport to upon reactivating the ability.
  • Spacial Drift (7 Ultimate Points): Yoru goes invisible and invincible for a short period of time. He can exit Spacial Drift at any time he wants, but there will be a short animation.

If you want to see actual Valorant Yoru gameplay, be sure to check out your favorite YouTubers and content creators to see which ones got to play Agent 14 early.

When will he go live on retail servers?

Valorant doesn’t give a specific date for which Yoru will release, but we can expect him to go live with the Episode 2 update. This should happen on Tuesday, January 12. However, if there are issues like with Skye, we might not see him for another week or so. It seems likely that we will get to play him sooner rather than later, however.

In any case, be sure to stay up to date with us on all the latest Valorant news and stories, along with all the big Episode 2 updates!