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Valorant will enter Act III next week, on October 13. With it comes a host of changes and updates, including a new map. Icebox was originally planned for episode 2, but pushed up to Act III of episode 1. This does come with a tradeoff, however. The new agent, allegedly called Skye, will be delayed by two weeks to make sure the patch is as stable as possible due to how many other features are being added with this update. A small ask, in fairness, as a new map has been much more requested than another new agent.

The new Valorant agent is, apparently, named Skye

So far, Riot has yet to confirm anything about the new agent, apart from two pieces of artwork. One features a spectral fox or wolf-like being in a forest, and the other the agent herself. With a green, spectral bird perched on her kangaroo-sized bicep and those same green flames coming from her wrist, it looks like the agent will bring the hunt to Valorant.

The leakers support this idea, as they are saying her name is Skye, is from Australia, and will have abilities based around predators. With an AOE heal who can’t self heal, a wolf drone that can be controlled and shot down, a bird that does recon for her, and a pack of wolves to chase down enemies, Skye is very nature-inspired indeed. Let’s just hope she keeps the snakes and spiders out of Valorant.

Again, none of this is confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt until Riot provides more information.

What else is coming with Act III?

With Act III comes a new Battle Pass, as well as a new set of weapon skins, the Singularity set. The skins will be available for the Phantom, Sherrif, Spectre, Ares, and knife. On top of that, some new weapon buddies will also be added.

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