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As a left-handed player, learning that I could play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a lefty in-game felt groundbreaking. When Valorant came out, one of the first things I did was check the options to see if I could change my Agents to hold their guns as a left-handed person would. Unfortunately, the choice doesn’t currently exist.

In the latest “Ask Valorant,” Senior Producer Steven Eldredge discusses that they are looking into ways to incorporate a left-hand view model. There are, however, some challenges they must consider before it goes live.

Valorant wants to keep the game fair

The biggest challenge is keeping the game fair. Eldredge states that “we want to ensure that there are no advantages or disadvantages to playing with a left-handed view model and that we maintain a fair competitive playing field.”

Playing with a left-hand view could change the way players see the game. For example, peeking corners as a lefty might feel better than peeking as a righty. If the left-handed model is too powerful, everyone will use it. If it is too weak, everyone will use the right-handed model. Riot needs first to find a way to ensure there is no competitive advantage regarding which model players choose.

When might we get a left-handed model?

The Valorant team has been quick to update the game, but they need to figure out the technical and competitive aspects of a new left-handed model before it goes live. While there is no set date for a left-handed model to release, if they are actively working on it then it’s likely we will get it within the next few patch cycles. Valorant‘s current Act, Act II, will end in 17 days, and the game should get a big update for Act III. Perhaps we will see it go live with the next Act.

Do you think a left-handed model is something that could help the game? Let us know in the comments!