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Valorant leaks uncover a new free-for-all Deathmatch mode

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Since the dawn of Valorant‘s time, the title has only had three game modes: Casual, Ranked, and Spike Rush. To be fair, Valorant hasn’t been out for even two months yet, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting new ways to play. If what one of the biggest Valorant dataminers has found is accurate, then it looks like there will be a new Valorant Deathmatch mode.

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Redditor “Mang0eLeaks” dug into the latest 1.04 update and uncovered a scrap of code that referenced a Deathmatch mode for the maps Haven, Split, and Bind.

Valorant Deathmatch mode confirmed
From Mang0eLeaks’ Reddit post

It appears, from these lines of code, that the Deathmatch mode will feature multiple phases. Once the players are dropped into a map, the mode will start with a warm-up phase, presumably to allow everyone from the lobby to prepare before the onslaught. When the match starts, we assume it will play like a traditional Deathmatch mode for first-person shooters.

It also appears that this free-for-all variant is a solo venture. You are on your own, and it’s you versus everyone else. Victory goes to whoever racks up the most kills.  At least, that is the presumption, going on how most Deathmatch modes go. Perhaps a team Deathmatch version will roll out down the line. Until then, players should be happy to even have this additional option for their Valorant matches.

Update 1.04 is already out—when will Valorant have Deathmatch mode?

Since Deathmatch is something Riot has only hinted at in the past and this new info was found through a dataminer, we have no definitive answer as to when Deathmatch will grace us with its presence. There is the possibility that it will come with the second Act. Since Riot has planned to bring multiple Acts per Episode, each with major updates sprinkled throughout, it would make sense to wait until after Act 1 finishes on August 2. That’s just a few weeks to wait.

Please note this is all speculation coming from code found by a dataminer—none of this is concrete as of yet. Check back with Daily Esports for updates in the future.