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A data miner has found a new ranking system for the upcoming new season, Ignition: Act II. The new ranking system would implement two additional tiers within each rank while also indicating progress with tier specific arrows. The leaker, known as ValorLeaks on Twitter, showed a mock-up image of what the changes would look like. These changes were supposedly found in Valorant’s game files, but have not been confirmed yet.

Riot Games’ first title League of Legends has had a similar ranking system for years. In , players have to climb their way between multiple tiers before moving to the next rank. Just recently Riot Games switched the tiers from five to four and added an additional lower rank called “Iron.” In Riot Games’ following titles—Team Fight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and now Valorant—the Iron rank has become a staple.

Valorant’s developers used League of Legends</i and <iCSGO</i to form their ranking system. <h2Valorant’s ranking woes

Just recently Valorant had to issue a hotfix to its ranking system due to multiple bugs. Players reported demoting from ranks even after massive win streaks. This forced developers to issue a hotfix that helped place players back into their correct rank after a win. </spanThese “aggressive” demotes were causing players extreme frustration. A mysterious rank seemingly below Iron was revealed in-game while players were demoted from their ranks. Other than the new icon for the rank, there is nothing else known about this additional ranking. Valorant has yet to address this additional rank, and it did not show up in ValorLeaks’ post on rank changes.

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