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Valorant’s latest weapon skin bundle resembles World War II weaponry for the Ares, Ghost, Guardian, operator, and Spectre.

Riot Games has traditionally made weapon and character skins for their characters that are over exaggerated and fictional. This has translated over to their latest FPS title, Valorant, which has primarily had fictional weapon skins. These weapon skins match the fictional aspect that surrounds their agents and have a range of impossible human abilities.

In the last Act, Valorant added its newest agent, Astra. She can go into Astral form, which is how she places her abilities. This Astral form can be compared to a popular Valorant weapon skin known as nebula. Riot Games has continued to produce skins that have bright colors, magical effects and musical sounds. These skins have been made to directly balance the fictional aspects of their agents, like with Astra.

Valorant Infantry weapon skins resemble CS:GO

Riot Games is taking a step back from these fancy and expensive weapon skins, bringing fans something closer to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive than typical Valorant. The Infantry weapon skin bundle will not feature upgradable add-ons. This means that they won’t have special effects, other color variants or different sounds.

Since its release, Valorant has been directly compared to the popular FPS title, CS:GO. This is due to the similar playstyle of the game. However, Valorant has made direct variations from CS:GO with their skin sets and agents with abilities. This latest weapon skin bundle would be the closest thing to a CS:GO comparison that we have seen to date.

Alongside the infantry weapon skin bundle leak was a short video teaser. This video is nine seconds long and resembles a war-torn area. This would fit the background of the Infantry skins, but it may be for something else entirely. In the video, a translated voice says “In times of war, do not be afraid of bombs.” Then, another short bit of translated text pops up on the screen that reads “Get ready.”

While this teaser trailer could be from something completely outside of the new Infantry skins, the style the two share is no coincidence.