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VALORANT releases a brand-new weapon skin bundle, Forsaken, alongside a new map and Battlepass for Act 3.

The Forsaken skin line will be the first bundle to hit the shops during Act 3. It features a style like Reaver and Sovereign skin packs from previous Acts. Forsaken comes in the standard four weapon skins with a knife skin, gun buddy and calling card.

There are two different colorways for the Forsaken bundle; its standard dark green hue and the upgradable golden variant. As is standard for Riot Games, this luxury skin line will set players back  7,100 VP, or roughly $80. Players must also spend the additional Radianite to upgrade the four tiers of effects for each gun and one tier for the melee.

Forsaken weapon bundle showcase: Vandal

The Forsaken Vandal is sure to be a fan favorite out of the four gun skins, due to its electrifying silhouette. The green variant features a spiked barrel, much like the Reaver Vandal, and it has a gem-like item in the center. This gem turns blue when a player spends the additional 15 Radianite for the gold and white colorway. The Forsaken Vandal shoots green bullets, which sound like they are coming straight out of a thunderstorm from the barrel. Whenever a player kills the final opponent in the round, the opponent’s body will turn into a winged angel before being dissolved by a crowd of ravens.


The Forsaken Spectre also has a similar style to its assault rifle counterpart. Outside of the missing green gem at the top of the gun, and a smoother barrel, the two gun skins are almost identical. The Spectre still shoots the same green bullets. However, the Spectre does not sound quite as uproarious as the Vandal does. One can barely tell the difference between the Forsaken sound effects and the regular ones.


For the Operator, the sound effects have been taken to another level. There is a separate sound for viewing the gun at different angles that gives it a swooshing effect. This is magnified when the gun is fired, which also has a similar sound to the thunder that is heard from the Vandal skin. The green gem on top of the gun has also been replaced for a green cracked scope.


Out of the four weapon skins, the Classic is at the bottom with the Spectre. There was not much put into it in way of shooting down effects, like with the Vandal and Operator. However, Riot Games did add a similar swooshing effect whenever the gun is examined. Players still have the same gem on the side of the gun and a glowing green aura around it if they upgrade it to that point with Radianite.

Melee (Ritual Blade)

Riot Games have been introducing a lot more sword-like melees in VALORANT with recent packs. The Forsaken Ritual Blade looks like the Reaver dagger, as mentioned previously. It has a longer blade, like some of the swords, but it is still held like a dagger. If this dagger is upgraded to Level 2, the user can see a glowing green aura around it, like with the other guns. The same swooshing noises can also be heard whenever the melee is swung or examined.